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Free Farm Animal Finger Puppets Pattern

Farm animal finger puppets are officially a hit... confirmed by the recipient! Make your own using the pattern below! For my niece's birthday this year, I wanted to make her some adorable farm animal finger puppets, as her birthday party was at a petting zoo. I was able to make all the puppets from leftover… Continue reading Free Farm Animal Finger Puppets Pattern

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Free Soap Saver Crochet Pattern

Make one of these easy crochet soap savers using the free pattern! The design is simple, classic and can be resized to fit your favorite soap bars, so it's perfect for the whole family. Thinner or thicker yarn? No problem, it's easy to increase or decrease the base stitches to fit any soap bar using… Continue reading Free Soap Saver Crochet Pattern

A Maker's Musings

2021 Maker’s Intentions

So, I made a lot of items in 2020, and shared very little of it, because I felt like nothing I made was good enough. For 2021, I decided to set out more intentionally on my making journey for the coming year, fight back against the pressure that comes from feeling like an amateur in a world of professionals, and focus on the reasons I love to make (and share what I make) in the coming year.

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If I Must Wash the Dishes…

Using handmade dishcloths is not just more visually appealing, I think it really invites a mindful approach to a dreaded chore. I hope that each time I use them, these dishcloths remind me to be grateful for the meals that filled my belly and created the dirty dishes. I hope they remind me to be grateful for running water, to be grateful for a clean, healthy apartment, and to be grateful for dishwashers.