If I Must Wash the Dishes…

At least I can do it with handmade dishcloths now!

Using handmade dishcloths is not just more visually appealing, I think it really invites a mindful approach to a dreaded chore. I hope that each time I use them, these dishcloths remind me to be grateful for the meals that filled my belly and created the dirty dishes. I hope they remind me to be grateful for running water, to be grateful for a clean, healthy apartment, and to be grateful for dishwashers.

These dishcloths are intended to serve as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges. To be clear, as “dishcloth” can have several meanings, I mean small squares with some texture to use while washing dishes. The free pattern, by Ivory Farmhouse, can be found here.

Because Heather’s instructions are fantastic and I followed to the letter, I do not need to provide any detail on alterations.

I started with the yarn, aptly named “Dishie” by KnitPicks. If I was choosing from scratch I might select something more overtly eco-friendly for such a project, but no purchase can be kinder to the Earth than using the things we already possess.

I found the pattern on Pinterest after I settled on making dishcloths. I chose it first and foremost due to the texture, as dishcloths need to have a certain “scrubby” quality. I also liked the simple, but interesting, design. When making for my home, I try to keep my husband’s preferences in mind, and luckily we agree on a simple style.

Finally, I wanted something I could work on while listening to audio books. I like to save my intense focus for projects that will not be covered in food and gunk after the first use. The repetitive but interesting pattern was perfect for my mood.

While these cloths have the aforementioned “scrubby” texture, they are not too textured to serve as a nice set of coasters, if you omit the little loop at the top! See picture evidence below:

*sigh* yet another dish I’ll have to wash

While I would never wish the chore of dishwashing on another human, I hope that if you, like me, find yourself washing dishes on occasion, you will also find these dishcloths make your experience more pleasant.

Until We Meet Again,

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