The Golden Braid

This lovely bracelet was the first craft kit I’ve purchased since childhood. The kit is from the YoolaDesigns store on Etsy, and you can purchase an identical kit here. The kit came with everything I needed except wire cutters. The wire was thin enough for sharp scissors though, so I would not recommend buying wire cutters just for this project.

The process of making the long strands that you braid together is quite fun, and lies somewhere between knitting and crochet. If you have ever used a circle knitter as a kid (or adult), the idea is quite similar, but on a tiny scale. I did not find the bracelet difficult to make, but I have experience working with crochet thread and making tiny objects (I was really into Irish crochet for a while). I would only recommend the kit to someone who is comfortable working with materials at least as thin as sock yarn.

At the end of the project, I noticed that my work “swirled” so it didn’t flatten perfectly. I almost gave up, after doing all that work, but I wanted to see if I could live with the imperfection. Besides, I was out of wire, so it was not an option to just try again.

It turns out that the imperfection is no big deal. The bracelet can be both lovely and imperfect.

I have not worn it out yet, because I have not been going out at all, but I think it will make a nice addition to my wardrobe when we all finally leave the house.

This bracelet is pretty thick, so I ordered some additional gold wire and clasps from this store to make a more subtle, single-strand bracelet that will go with my work outfits. This time I bought a thinner wire, so hopefully the flattening process will be less frustrating.

The kit was engaging and the results were lovely. I will be keeping some supplies for wire bracelets on hand for making gifts. This is a great project for someone who wants to create a handmade, completely wearable piece, and has some experience working with thin yarn and small crochet hooks/knitting needles.

Until We Meet Again,

P.S. This post is not sponsored, I purchased this kit without any previous contact with the seller, and I receive no compensation for referrals.

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